July 2013, Bodø - Exhibition at Bodø Airport Avinor

Peacepainting exhibition at Bodø airport Avinor wrote the following in a press release in July 2013:

On Wednesday 17 July Bodø airport’s Peacepainting exhibition begins. The exhibition consists of 6 pictures from different nations and is found by Narvesen in the departure hall. The pictures can be seen by children and adults until next summer.

Peacepainting is an independent organisation with its origins in Bindal. The organisation arranges painting workshops for children and youth – such that they can express their thoughts about peace and friendship through a language without speech.

The painting workshops are held both nationally and internationally. Each participant comes forward with their own title and possibly some text about the picture. The message is imparted using a text sign which follows the picture at exhibitions. The most important thing is what the child wishes to impart and the aim is that children’s feelings shall be taken seriously.

- “When we concentrate on listening to and seeing what the children impart, it is certainly easier to remember how it is to be little. It is also easier to make decisions that promote life and variety – both when it applies to near and far relations,” says Catrine Gangstø in Peacepainting.

The pictures are exhibited both nationally and internationally. Today you can see Peacepainting exhibitions in the following Avinor airports:

· Kirkenes airport, Høybuktmoen · Brønnøysund airport, Brønnøy · Bodø airport.

After this, exhibitions have also arrived at these locations: Mosjøen, Namsos, Rørvik, Mo i Rana, Sandnessjøen and at the helicopter terminal in Brønnøysund.

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