November 2014 - Renewed support from Nordland County Municipality

Press release from Nordland County Municipality:Nordland County Municipality has granted 300,000 kroner to the foundation Peacepainting in Bindal for further development of their international commitment within art and peacekeeping for children and youth. County executive for industry, Arve Knutsen, says that a considerable amount of work has been done with the development of Peacepainting, and this stands as a unique idea with a global perspective.

Catrine Gangstø is managing director of the foundation. She had the idea that painting can be used as therapy for children and youth. Contact has been established with a number of countries. As part of the business model, pictures are presented that the children have made, via exhibitions in public places.

The county executive says that so far the work has shown that applicants have received a response which can be grounds for them to take it a step further. This can be a basis to establish and develop a physical centre for the work which can offer courses and accommodation.

- “The gain for Bindal lies in that a whole new business is established in the municipality with some competence-based internationally-looking workplaces. A competence-based business in Bindal can in this area also obtain a grant from internationally-looking programmes,” says Arve Knutsen.

Peacepainting is introduced as a means and concept for relief work of the Norwegian Refugee Council, Red Cross and United Nations in terms of international assignments which demand psychosocial efforts.

“The foundation will use the funds to work to secure permanent operation of the organisation, such that it can continue to work with different projects,” says Catrine Gangstø.

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