Paintings from this project are represented in many exhibitions, including the Norwegian Ministry of Defence, the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Norwegian Municipality of Bindal, Matkroken Bartnes (a local food market in Bogen, Norway), Berg School in Sømna (Norway), the Norwegian Municipality of Vega, Naryan Mar (Russian) High School in Economics and Agriculture, “School 2010” in Moscow, Morangbong Elementary School in North Korea and several airports in Norway.
(Such diverse exhibition venues applies to all our projects and reflects Peacepainting’s approach).

May 2011
Artists from Éspace des Arts are working in the same context and came to Bindal for the establishment of a partnership. They brought an exhibition that was first held at Bindal City Hall, and was then held at Bindal School at the Norwegian Constitution Day. All paintings were made ​​by children and youth in Tunisia after the revolution in January 2011.
Together we conducted workshops with pupils at Terråk Primary School.

December 2011
A group of 17 Peacepainting representatives visited Éspace des Arts in Sfax. Good relations were also created here. Three paintings; one from Russia, one from Norway and one from Tunisia will be presented to the newly elected President. The Norwegian Consulate in Tunis is assisting in this regard.

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December 2013
Representatives from the Municipality Administration in Bindal, youth from Bindal and an artist from Herøy visited Tunisia to strengthen our long lasting cooperation. New events took place and the network extended to several instances in Tunisia. Peacepainting will proceed with the exchange of traditional wooden boat building tradition. The boat is a good symbol of Peacepainting’s work and the theme in relation to the home of Peacepainting; Bindal is primarily known for the beautiful Bindalsfæringen that has been built in the same style for thousands of years. The island Kerkenah in Tunisia has a similar tradition.