How we work

In a world where children are being constantly weighed and measured and judged accordingly, we, in contrast, consider each contribution from the children to be valuable and unique. They are able to express themselves in a safe environment, thereby addressing a deep-felt need in them to give. We believe that these reasons could be why the children enjoy the painting activities so much.

As an inspiration for the painting activity we use colours and connect them to the body, human needs and life in general. We also use short and relevant stories. The following list describes practical features of the work:

• We paint on Huntonite wall plates, cut, primed and partially sponsored by the cornerstone factory in Bindal, TALGØ Dører.
• The wallplates are 51 x 74 cm.
• All frames are identical of shape, made to our own design.
• A label with the title of the painting (chosen by the child) is present on each frame.
• Sometimes the children also add a description of the painting.

We want to see the children leave for home with a feeling of being taken seriously. We therefore place an emphasis on quality during the production process.

peacepainting Nidaros Cathedral Olavsfestdagene 2014 from Randi Størseth on Vimeo.

Workshops and Exhibitions

We emphasize both the collective and individual processes in our work

We strive to cooperate with all interested institutions and individuals. The focus is always on peace and friendship among people and between nations. We would like to mention the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in particular, because our cooperation with them is very good. Our exhibition there was opened in 2009 by Grete Faremo. It remains in the Ministry today. We replace the paintings there periodically so that more children can contribute. We do the same thing elsewhere too – we have workshops and exhibitions in many different countries. Our method has been proven to work across different cultures and languages because we focus on intuition and the wordless language.


B.A.R.N. Exhibition Ministry Of Culture, Oslo
Exhibition in Gallery R5, Ministry of Culture, Oslo

The Norwegian Defence Minister, Mrs. Grete Faremo

Exhibition in the Defense Museum in Norway