Peace Painting is an independent association in Bindal, Nordland, Norway. Peace Painting organises painting workshops for children that allow them to express themselves through a wordless language.
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We organise intuitive painting workshops nationally and internationally

Children of all ages come together to paint; the enjoyment of colours is their common bond and language. The context is peace regardless of their religious or spiritual beliefs. Personal peace is considered to be inner harmony, balance and contentment, in other words more than merely the absence of war. We believe that every child needs a certain level of peace in their lives in order to flourish.

We create and administrate exhibitions both nationally and internationally

We organise exhibitions at all levels of society. Through exhibitions the children can display their messages, providing hope and encouragement in relation to serious topics.

Nobody claims that the children should have a minimal insight in painting

The objective is that the children leave the workshops feeling positive. They are not judged on whether their painting ability is good or bad. The aim is that they communicate to themselves, to each other and to adults, through their paintings. Statutes